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Proposals for Central Virginia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience Meeting

2019 CVCSN meeting
Call for Symposium Proposals
University of Virginia School of Medicine
April 12 - 13, 2019

Meeting Theme: “From Cells and Circuits to Behavior"

While CVCSN welcomes symposium proposals from all areas, we are particularly interested in those that highlight combinations of in vivo imaging and behavior.  Any experimental system (human (e.g., fMRI), mouse, c. elegans) is appropriate, we aim to highlight the convergence of new technology to fundamental questions in neuroscience and the neurobiology of disease.  Two external speakers will give plenary talks on this topic.  The meeting will begin on Friday afternoon and continue through a full schedule on Saturday.

CVCSN supports diversity in science:  Please include diversity information pertaining to your submission, the Program Committee will take this information into consideration when prioritizing abstracts for acceptance to the meeting.  Please recognize that diversity takes many forms, in terms of scientific background, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, professional seniority, home institution, etc.  

Chair Information: Symposia organized by trainees are strongly encouraged (i.e., postdoc, resident, grad or undergrad trainees); however, a faculty co-chair should be included.

Speakers: Speakers can be either trainees or faculty.

Format: Organizers have flexibility in arranging speakers within either a 60 min mini-symposium or a 90 min full symposium. Ensure time for speaker transitions and questions.

  • Suggestion A: Mini-symposium (60 min total) could be a 25 min talk followed by two 12 min talks.
  • Suggestion B: Full symposium (90 min total) could have an integrative introduction by the chair followed by a 30 minute talk and two 15 minute talks.

Number that will be accepted & selection criteria: It is currently anticipated that three full symposia and two mini-symposia will be accepted. This may shift as the final schedule for the meeting is developed. Symposia will be selected based upon the quality of the science, attention to diversity, and fit with the stated conference theme.

To submit a symposium proposal, please provide the information below and send to by January 20, 2019. Please direct any questions to Mike McConnell, the CVCSN President.