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UVA Medical Center receives grant to study Alzheimer's disease

Lukens Award Photo

The Alzheimer's Association has awarded a team of University of Virginia researchers nearly $150,000 to study the impact brain injuries may have on causing the disease.

Monday's check of roughly $50,000 was the first of three installments that will occur over the next three years.

The research grant itself is geared toward creating more effective ways for discovering, treating and preventing the disease.

Dr. John Lukens, an Assistant Professor of Research in the Neuroscience Department of the UVA School of Medicine, was on hand to accept the grant.

"Providing an avenue where people with expertise that haven't been in the Alzheimer's disease research community can bring these new fresh ideas to the forefront and go after things that haven't been studied before," he said.

Lukens went on to say the money will allow his team to look at how a brain injury may impact how the brain cleans itself and that could potentially cause Alzheimer's.

The Alzheimer's Association is in the middle of funding $110 million worth of research projects in 18 countries.

Original news article reported by Jack Durkin on January 07, 2019 for CBS News. Click here for the original story.