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Picture of Dopamine Neurons

Dopamine Neurons

Signal processing by the central nervous system. Courtesy of the Guler lab.

neural stem cells

Embryonic Neural Stem Cells Dividing

Membrane labelled in green and microtubules in red. Photo taken by Katrina McNeely. Courtesy of the Dwyer Lab.

larvae picture

Zebrafish larvae 72 hours post fertilization labeled with acetylated tubulin

Motor and sensory axons can be seen innervating the trunk in this lateral view. Photo courtesy of the Kucenas lab.

Mandell and Papin picture

Simultaneous visualization of five antigens in mouse cerebellum.

Courtesy of the Mandell and Papin labs. Publication accessible here.

zebrafish lateral line nerve

Zebrafish lateral line nerve

The sensory nerve of the fish that senses vibration and water flow and helps the fish swim upright, the sensory axons are red, and the Schwann cells ensheating the axons are green. Breaks in the green labeling along the axons are the Nodes of Ranvier. Photo courtesy of the Kucenas lab.

Picture of Microtubal Skeleton

Microtuble Skeleton

The microtubule skeleton of newborn corticol neurons. Courtesy of the Dwyer Lab, photo taken by Katrina McNeely.

microglia picture

Microglia (red) engulfing neuronal material (green)

Courtesy of the Kipnis lab.

Jianhua 'JC' Cang

JC Cang, a new professor in the Departments of Biology & Psychology, is seeking ways to reopen the window of brain plasticity in order to treat many disorders.

Barry Prizant Lecture

Barry Prizant Lecture

Barry Prizant, PhD visited the University on February 2nd, 2018 to give a enlightening talk about his book "Uniuely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism." Co-sponsored by UVA Brain Institute.


In the News

Micah Mazurek Photo

Click here for the original article.

A research study conducted by Micah Mazurek, Associate Professor in the Curry School of Education and an autism expert, has been selected as one of the top 20 most important advances in autism research for 2017 by the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee.

Brain Discovery Photo

Click here for the orginial article in UVA Today.

The University of Virginia neuroscience lab that discovered that the brain connects directly to the immune system now has found evidence that doctors could load up the brain with custom blends of immune cells to battle genetic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Sanchita Bhatnagar Photo

Click here for the original article in UVA Today.

Sanchita Bhatnagar is investigating ways to reactivate healthy-but-inactive chromosomes, in an effort to repair brain damage that has been thought to be permanent. 

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