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Investing in future generations of neuroscience leaders and innovators

A cornerstone of the UVA Brain Institute's mission is a commitment to educating and inspiring the next generation of scholars, clinicians, and innovators who will impact human health through interdisciplinary research now and in the future.

This is why we are investing in undergraduate and graduate students as well as supporting early-stage investigators. Nurturing the best people at pivotal moments in their careers ensures that our field will continue to expand and innovate. Our strength comes in our collaborative science which spans schools, fields, and career stage. Supporting our future neuroscience leaders leverages the very best that UVA has to offer.

At the same time, we are bringing research pioneers with different perspectives to Grounds to work with the next generation of scholars to solve complex problems and make breakthroughs in human health. Together we can transform the landscape of neuroscience and improve and enhance the quality of human life.

Neuroscience Training Programs Across UVA