The UVA Brain Institute builds and sustains interdisciplinary neuroscience research teams across Grounds to address major societal challenges. We provide a unified vision for bringing UVA neuroscience to preeminence and offer unique capabilities to respond to a rapidly changing neuroscience research landscape.


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Pinn Hall 1014

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Virginia
Talk title: The stuff that synapses are made of: adhesive brakes on cortical

Alumni Hall

This year's conference will feature keynotes, research lightning talks, and a panel of senior data scientists discussing the opportunities and c


Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) 101: The Basics and More

Presented by Ivorie Walker, PsyD

Addressing our most pressing challenges and unlocking our most significant opportunities requires working across traditional boundaries.
The 2030 Plan

In The News


Meghan Puglia is an assistant professor of neurology. She and several other researchers are going to try to find out what markers there are in DNA that could indicate a child has autism.


Biomedical engineer John Mugler, who pioneered new technologies that improved MRI imaging, has been named to the National Academy of Inventors.


The inaugural Research Achievement Awards featured University leaders handing out 13 honors to UVA’s most outstanding researchers working on projects ranging from education policy to prec


Changing the face of autism care and research at UVA

Dr. Kevin Pelphrey, a Harrison Wood Professor of Neurology, and Dr. Micah Mazurek, a clinical psychologist in the Curry School of Education and Human Development, collaborate to transform the diagnosis and treatment for children with autism. Photo courtesy of Jackson Smith


Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Dr. Shayan Moosa uses electroencephalography and laser pulses to determine the effects of MRI-guided low-intensity focused ultrasound on the brain. Photo courtesy of Dr. Elias, Dr. Legon, and Dr. Liu's Human Brain Function and Neuromodulation Labs.


Collaborative Efforts in Parkinson's Disease

Dr. Elias and Dr.  Shah work together to develop highly selective drug therapies for patients with Parkinson's Disease. Photo courtesy of Tom Cogill.


Opioid Crisis Symposium

Dr. Joshua Burraway gives a talk on "Keeping It in the Family: The Opioid Addiction Treatment Suboxone in the Moral Economy of Rural Appalachia."