The UVA Brain Institute builds and sustains interdisciplinary neuroscience research teams across Grounds to address major societal challenges. We provide a unified vision for bringing UVA neuroscience to preeminence and offer unique capabilities to respond to a rapidly changing neuroscience research landscape.


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Pin Hall Room 1005

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Pinn Hall Auditorium 1014
Pin Hall Auditorium 1014
While drawing together existing strengths in schools and units across Grounds, this institute will create new, unified momentum in brain study at UVA.
Teresa Sullivan, former UVA President

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A new understanding of long-overlooked cells called microglia is challenging the assumption that body and brain function are completely independent.


You can’t just whack people on the heads to see what happens, so Matthew Panzer and his team are developing computer models to understand how the brain deforms under impact, working with

Obesity continues as a public health problem. A new study suggests several reasons why.

Changing the face of autism care and research at UVA

Dr. Kevin Pelphrey, a Harrison Wood Professor of Neurology, and Dr. Micah Mazurek, a clinical psychologist in the Curry School of Education and Human Development, collaborate to transform the diagnosis and treatment for children with autism. Photo courtesy of Jackson Smith


Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Dr. Shayan Moosa uses electroencephalography and laser pulses to determine the effects of MRI-guided low-intensity focused ultrasound on the brain. Photo courtesy of Dr. Elias, Dr. Legon, and Dr. Liu's Human Brain Function and Neuromodulation Labs.


Collaborative Efforts in Parkinson's Disease

Dr. Elias and Dr.  Shah work together to develop highly selective drug therapies for patients with Parkinson's Disease. Photo courtesy of Tom Cogill.


Opioid Crisis Symposium

Dr. Joshua Burraway gives a talk on "Keeping It in the Family: The Opioid Addiction Treatment Suboxone in the Moral Economy of Rural Appalachia."