Everyone has been touched by a neurological condition, or knows of someone who has. That’s why, at UVA, we are starting to answer questions about the brain we didn’t even know how to ask a few years ago.

What if we could use UVA’s newly discovered connection between the brain and the immune system to treat autism and Alzheimer’s disease?

What if we could repurpose existing drugs to restore vision to those who have lost it?

What if we could use ultrasound waves to treat addiction or chronic pain?

What if we could help Parkinson’s disease patients regain control over their bodies?

What if we could use Big Data and imaging to understand how we remember some things and forget others?

The pace of discovery is getting faster, but for those impacted by neurological conditions, it’s still not enough. Private support is critical to accelerating our work and generating discovery that improves the human condition. By supporting the UVA Brain Institute, you can help us ask and answer challenging questions that have the power to change lives.

To learn more about supporting the UVA Brain Institute, click here or contact Jas Heim, Director of Development, UVA Brain, at / 434-243-GIVE.