Philanthropically Supported Research

To read about how our generous donors have helped UVA researchers make discoveries and help patients, please visit the articles below about our philanthropically-supported research.


New Hope for Patients with Parkinson's Disease -

John Mitchell's clinical research endowment in his wife's name supported Jeffrey Elias and Binit Shah's highly selective drug therapies for Parkinson's disease research.

Research Seeks to Unravel the Brain's Genetic Tapestry to Tackle Rare Genetic Disorder -

The Bow Foundation's has helped support for Mike McConnell's genetic epilepsy research.

Using Sound to Heal -

Private support from benefactors has helped speed clinical trials including Jeffrey Elias' focused ultrasound trials for essential tremors.


Solving the Researcher's Paradox -

The Owens Family Foundation support for George Bloom has helped George Bloom advance Alzheimer's research.